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Guelph Yard Sale Maps

What is Guelph Yard Sale Maps?
Guelph Yard Sale Maps provides a weekly roundup of yard and garage sales happening every Saturday during the warm months in Guelph. Every Friday, look for our latest map notification in the ‘Guelph This & That’ community group under the hashtag #GTTYardSale2023.
Who can participate?
Our featured yard/garage sales on the map are casual selling events by private individuals selling used items – no business licenses or sales tax collection necessary. If you’re a non-profit/charity and your sale matches this description, feel free to join in! But please note, we only highlight events within Guelph city limits.
How do I get my sale featured on the map?
To have your yard or garage sale event featured on our map, please submit the details of your event using the form below. Make sure to submit your details no later than midnight on Thursday of the same week your event is occurring. This deadline ensures your Saturday event will be included in that week’s map.

What if I need to cancel my event?
If you need to cancel an event that you’ve already submitted, please let us know by posting a comment below. While we can’t remove locations from the map once it’s been published for the week, we do encourage the public to check the comment section for updates on any changes or cancellations before they head out.

A shout out and a big THANK YOU to Abhilash Kantamnemi, the “Guelph Maps Guy,” for conceptualizing Guelph Yard Sale Maps and other community maps. His innovative ideas have enriched our community tremendously, and we’re incredibly grateful for the privilege of working alongside him. Though he has moved and is greatly missed, we cherish his valuable contributions and are committed to continuing the work he began.

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