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Guelph Halloween Map 2023

What is Guelph Halloween Map?
Guelph Halloween Map showcases the most impressive Halloween displays in Guelph, sourced from submissions on the ‘Guelph This & That’ community group using the hashtag #GTTHalloween2023.  

Who can participate?
Decorating your Guelph home for Halloween? Submit your address in the form below. You can also make a submission with an image of your display and the hashtag #GTTHalloween2023 in our ‘Guelph This & That’ community group!” Deadline for submissions is October 27 at midnight. 

PLEASE NOTE: Based on submission volume, priority will be given to the most outstanding displays for map inclusion.

A shout out and a big THANK YOU to Abhilash Kantamnemi, the “Guelph Maps Guy,” for conceptualizing Guelph Halloween Maps and other community maps. His innovative ideas have enriched our community tremendously, and we’re incredibly grateful for the privilege of working alongside him. Though he has moved and is greatly missed, we cherish his valuable contributions and are committed to continuing the work he began.

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